Psychic & Healer



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Sacred Geometry          

Working with and Healing Chakras 1-7 and 8-12          

Forgiveness (including Ho'oponopono and Tonglen exercises) 

"Going to the Light" and advanced 3rd Eye Psychic Healing

Karmic Connections and Spiritual Contracts

Meet your Angels and Guides

DNA Reprograming and Activation

Turning on Your Creative Personal Power

Healthy Female Energy

Creating Abundance

Beginning and Advanced Meditation 

Beginning and Advanced Energy Healing Techniques

Telekinesis and Spoon Bending

Connecting to your Intuition

Discovering and Understanding your Past Lives

6-month Beginning Herbal Certificate Program Covering Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs

Intuition & Herbalist Educator

Spiritual communication and healing is key to health and success. All readings include some healing, education and homework! Sign up under the "Contacts" tab.

Herbal Consultations



Some of My Spiritual Workshops Offered:                                          Upcoming Events:

Ready for a lifestyle change? At your Herbal Consultation I'll listen to your needs and provide information on healthier changes including weight loss, herbal medicine, nutrition, cooking and more!

Spiritual Educator

Hello! I'm Laura Schofield at ClairvoyantCafe. I practice loving-kindness, compassion and gratefulness in everything I do. I truly believes that life is experienced through ones heart. My journey on this planet is to help others learn about their ability to love, be intuitive and find their own personal power! 

With over 20 years of experience as a clairvoyant, herbalist, healer and educator I will assist you in discovering your highest emotional, spiritual and physical potential!      

Learning and practicing energy work and herbology is my lifetime commitment. In the past I have graduated from a 1 1/2 year clairvoyant program and a 1-year hands-on-healing program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Reiki Master training, and have participated in advanced studies including transmediumship, third-eye psychic surgery, chakras 8 through 12, Sacred Geometry and 5th Dimensional psychic work. 

I have several years training in Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbology I’m also an artist and love organic gardening and cooking!

Want to have a workshop at your home? Coordinate with your friends to come to your home for a party or workshop and you get to participate for free!

Ready to take your next step in empowering yourself? Beginning and advanced classes offered. Sign up for my email of events!

Ask me about art classes in cartooning, pen & ink, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, beginning drawing and colored pencils! Individual or groups!

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